Who Is BC Creative Media?

BC Creative Media (Marketing Solutions) was founded by social media activist Brandon Couch in the summer of 2013. Brandon has always had a desire to see where a company could go if they just "posted" a little more often, had great content up on their  social media platforms, and branched out of their comfort zone to bring more clients/customers into their business. It's amazing what would happen.

The reason I created this company is because so many non-profits and other small businesses/organizations, including churches, lack the sizzle in content and really lack the results that could bring them so much for business. I like to think of BC Creative Media as your “one-stop-shop” for all your marketing and branding needs. You are worth it and so is your company/organization.
— Brandon Couch (CEO/Founder)

When a company is excited it excites their client and customers! Brandon has a love for the local church and seeing the church succeed using creative marketing. Brandon knows what it takes to take you from just being a "Stamp" in social media, to being a place viewers can call home. To date, Brandon has over 296,000 viewers on Google Plus and over 400 followers on Twitter.  Let BC Creative Media (Marketing Solutions) market your organization today and manage all your social platforms. Make the connection today!


**Brandon is also the Creative Arts/Worship Pastor at LifePoint Church.**