Change Your Focus

You know so many times we get bogged down with the weight of the world. It seems as if this world goes so fast and we stand still and just can't keep up. Too often, we eventually give in to the feeling of being "not complete" or the feeling of "I'm not good enough", which then starts to wreck havoc on your mental, emotional and even physical state. Now this isn't a post about "suck it up and drive on",  but it is a post on how changing your mindset can only happen when we change our focus.

Studies on the brain have shown, that when you think, act, talk a certain way or have certain behaviors or moods all the time, the brain carves these grooves/pathways all around in your head. THESE THINGS CUT DEEP! So how do you change that nasty habit, way of thinking, etc. from craving a nice dinner at your head? By changing your focus.

Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Focus on doing the most you can for your family, business, church, other people, etc., rather than playing the "oh, I have to do this again!" When we decide today that we are going to change our focus and really hone in on that and do it, we will then see different results in our life for the better.

It all starts when we make the decision to change our way of thinking by focusing on what it is we need to be doing and should be doing.

Start focusing today on what it is you want and run for it! You Are Worth It!


Check out this amazing book by Pastor Kevin Gerald on "Mind Monsters"