3 Ways To Be Productive using Evernote

Like many others, I too love productivity tools and ways to be more productive on the go. Yesterday I posted about the simple tool Google Task List that I use each day for work for my simple things. I will say however there are limits to that amazing tool, and for that I always turn to my handy dandy +Evernote app and desktop version. So, how can you be more productive using Evernote? 

3 Ways to Be Productive Using Evernote Daily
1.) Email Into Evernote- I do this all the time almost everyday. I have an important email needing to follow up on, I compose a new email and send right to my Evernote account. Syncs amazing!

2.) Make A Checklist- This feature is great for your daily to-do's or even like for me my "honey do list" for my wife. :-) I just click the box in a new note, and start putting those lists together. Simple and easy!

3.) Share Notes- Evernote allows you to share notes with anyone who has setup an Evernote account. You can share your notes via email, social media etc. They think of it all! 

Okay, so there isn't just 3, there are 4 Ways kinda. :-)
I like using the "Work Chat" feature in Evernote with colleagues at work. We can setup meeting notes, any other creative ideas we want to try and comment on our progress or even update certain notes. This is pretty cool and something is great as well.

Did I mention you can download +Evernote for FREE? So get it today if you don't use it already. Give it a week and you will see why you can't live without it! Also, for all you Pastors out there, this is a great ministry tool as well! :-)

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